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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 30, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> the wild card scenario for the holiday weekend. all anybody home? ♪ yes! ha ha! ♪ [ clicking ] dad, what happened? power went out, want a hot dog? [ female announcer ] new oscar mayer selects. made with 100% pure beef and no artificial preservatives. they're a great way to re-connect with your family. dad, how come the nelsons' lights are on? ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪ >> the potential for severe destruction. we will get the latest. exclusive details about two men taking off and charge of preparing a terror attack.
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power problems, pepco customers from the get the chance to vent their frustration. the announcement of his going to be on dancing with the stars this season. >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11. captioned by the national captioning institute >> causing power outages and property damage there. cruise ships have been diverted and flights of been canceled. now the massive storm plot a course toward the u.s.. hurricane il is -- hurricane earl is battering pr. the category 4 storm is now plotting a course for the u.s.. >> curl could approach the outer banks of north carolina as early as thursday night. >> there is landfall in new england later on in the week.
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wreaking havoc with beachgoers along the eastern seaboard. hurricane danielle is already out there in atlantic and is producing dangerous rip currents. >> we had to fly a double red flag today. >> lifeguards and slammers sprang into action of the action to save a struggling swimmers. many had a close call. >> it sucks you under nbc went to the sand. it knocks the erratically. >> the waves knocked me down. >> hurricanes danielle and girl and a new storm called fiona. a dangerous trifecta of tropical storms. in ocean city, the coast guard has called off a certification -- a search for a 20 year-old man. he went missing while swimming saturday night. for the latest on hurricane earl and the projected path, let's go
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down to our weather center. >> it certainly is a powerful storm. it is a category for woodlands approaching when hundred 40 miles per hour. here is the latest track. when you see that come, and it means that not -- that is the probable track, not the exact track. it has been getting a little bit closer to the coast. part of the outer banks falls within that probable track. there is country -- increasing concern for the weekend coming up, especially for folks who might be heading down toward the outer banks. there has been some heavy rain in pr, but there you can see the i now 100 miles north of san juan. that is the good news. for folks to the family and friends and loved ones done in pr, the rains have pretty much ended. as long as it stays off the coast, much of the power will be
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on the east side, out in the ocean. meanwhile, we will be seeing more and 90's ahead. we will tell you about that. >> thank you. new at 11, authorities have charged two men with preparing a terrorist attack. one of the suspects was originally supposed to fly into dallas airport, but changed his mind. -- dulles. they were on a united airlines flights on sunday night. both men changed to direct flights, but they said their baggage on a separate flight. those men were in the u.s. legally. there were fears that this may have been a dry run test of american security. a developing story at
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alexandria, a fairfax blake -- child was struck after being hit by a car. we're live from the scene. she has the latest on this tragic story. >> it is a tragedy. the family is grieving tonight the loss of that nine-year-old little girl. i spoke with the family and with family friends this evening. they did not want to speak on camera. they are remembering her. a bicycle left twisted in the street and a shattered windshield, still a tragic story. just before 4:30 this afternoon, the nine year-old was struck head-on by a mercury sedan and from several feet in the air. >> it is a tragedy. >> she was riding with two friends on the north side of franconia road when police said they attempted to cross the street. >> two of them made it and the third one did not. she was a nine-year-old. >> there was little that could
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be done. the driver of the mercury -- police opted not to cite him. this appears to be a tragic accident in speed or alcohol were a factor. there been many close calls leading up to the sat in traffic and. >> drivers are not paying enough attention to the fact that it is residential. people are going to be crossing. >> i do not like to let my son -- police want to remind everyone that it is back-to-school time and that more children are going to be on the road. it is important that everyone take extra precautions. >> let's turn to the race for mayor of the district. early voting got underway this morning with huge crowds turned out. a poll has vincent gray leading
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adrian fenty now. 53-46%. the new poll has a five point margin of error -- error. president obama has a busy week ahead involving foreign and domestic issues. today, he focused on the economy. he called for congress to stop blocking his tax cut plan for small businesses. mr. obama says he will soon offer details about steps to spur the recovery. >> steps like extending the tax cuts for the middle class. they are set to expire this year. redoubling our investment in clean energy. >> the white house is also preparing for the start of wednesday's mideast peace talks in washington. he will welcome israel's prime minister and the palestinian president for a joint dinner. negotiations began thursday. he is peering to address the nation about the end of combat
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operations in iraq. you can watch the address tomorrow at 8:00 right here on abc 7. fears are growing at georgetown university after a woman was sexually assaulted in her home. police are booking for a man who broke into the woman's apartment on sunday night. she woke up with the man -- when the man started assaulting her. police are investigating this case is linked to the least 12 other georgetown sex assault in the past three years. there are recovering tonight after a bizarre crash that was caught on a cell phone camera. a witness recorded the scene seconds after the vehicle struck. police identified the driver as a car wash employee the that was in the country illegally. one of the victims' remains hospitalized tonight. coming up, see if
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celebrities will be dancing with the stars. we have a list -- we have a look at who made the list. >> it was an evening of outrage directed at pepco. that story, coming up in 60 seconds.
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scenes like this repeated themselves throughout the area this summer. several severe storms whipped through and not stop the power to thousands repeatedly. residents are holding pepco accountable. we are now live in rockville. >> just about everyone here at slammed pepco and a lot of folks are now insisting that if there service goes down, so should
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rates. >> i think you need to hold some feet to the fire. >> montgomery county citizens and public officials -- >> they blasted pepco during a public hearing. >> on a day-to-day basis, they cannot do their job. >> this agency is investigating the utility giant performance. during summer storms alleged hundreds of thousands of customers in the dark. >> since january the third, we have had a total of 18 electric outages. >> it goes that when there is a breeze blowing. " they lashed out at pepco inability to provide timely and accurate information to customers during outages. >> it is an outrage. >> they stress the gravity of their plight. >> there are a number of people who need electricity to stay alive. they will die without electricity. when i had a constituent with a similar problem, i was told by pepco, tell them to get a generator. >> officials say they did the
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best they could in the face of widespread damage. the stress of a recently announced a two and $50 million investment in tree trimming along with upgrades to felines and substations that will significantly approve service. >> i am not going to go with, that is the best we can do. we will do a better job. >> maryland's governor is now calling on the public service commission to put together and establish public utilities standards and consequences for poor performance from utilities. the president told me, this company does not need to be penalized in order to improve. coming up, rumors are put to rest. we will tell you who will be having time in your living room.
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>> unarmed man was shot by deputies at a tennessee high- school after you went inside and pointed a gun at the principals had. it happened today. authorities say that the 62 year-old attendant -- intended to kill someone. the motive is still being determined. a former baseball great a roger clemens pleaded not guilty in court hearing here in washington today. the former all steer -- all-star pitchers were before congress if he had never taken steroids. a former trainer says the key inject a roger clemens by the dozen times and he has proof. he faces a maximum of 30 years in prison. the trials of for april. biopsies have delayed the latest efforts in the oils -- will clean up. it could be as late as thursday. a new blowout preventer will be
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set in place and once that is raised, mud and cement will be pumped into plug that oil -- old well. we have a real shot from the federal inspection. salmonella has been linked to contaminated -- they found a live mice in talk --, thomas maggots. the fda has ordered inspectors to go to all of the nation's biggest egg for inspection. lane closures are expected on the chesapeake bay bridge on one of the biggest beach weekend of the year. the crews of the performing routine maintenance. turning now to the weather, tomorrow is forecast to be a code red air quality day.
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the facility will be open until 5:00. it means it will be worse than it was today. >> a lot of the jurisdictions have -- code red means that the air is staying in and around. not much horizontal mixing. outside today, the temperatures were in to the 90's. 95 degrees -- here we are at 80 degrees now. it's our daylight is decreasing by about 2 minutes each day. so far, 5790 degrees days or higher. we have had 2195 degree days or higher.
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the only misdirected by three. the record is 99 degrees. 56 degrees of 90 or more. that is the most we have had since 1991. no relief down to the south either. it into area of high pressure on us, that is the reason why the code red is out for tomorrow. that high pressure will -- you can see the very, very edge of the hurricane. i will get out of the way. lookit that eyes staring back. there is the hurricane. there is fiona. that could be gaston. there is haiti and the dominican republic and there is the eye. as we get toward the weekend, and there are areas that it will be closer and closer to the outer banks of north carolina. right now, it is 100 miles north
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of san juan, pr. from every indication, it will continue to remain off the coast. nonetheless, it could be increasing threats to the coast. overnight tonight, temperatures will only get to about 70 degrees. air quality tomorrow, code red with temperatures near 95 degrees again. tomorrow could be our 22nd 95- degree day. i do not think we will make 67 as we head back in 1980. this is a summer that goes on without end. hurricane earl, not a great threat, but even 100 miles off the coast certainly does a lot a lot -- does a lot of watching. there will be a lot of heavy surf.
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>> we learned that -- and you'll be joining the cast of "dancing with the stars." david kassel hoff, florence henderson, brandy, michael bolton, the situation, rick fox. the show premieres on september 20 right here on abc 7. >> they have everyone from
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teenagers to geriatrics. i know it is your favorite show. stephen strasberg gets a second opinion and now he prepares for surgery. and that our plan the fish in florida. brines in our men looks like a theme from the natural. he hit
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he did not practice again today. there is speculation that he will not play against dallas. i would be shocked if he does not play in 13 days against the cowboys. he needs to play. there is a difference between pain and injury. you can play with pain. his teammates believe people be in the huddle. >> i think everybody will find a way to be ready. >> that is not our decision. >> he is a warrior. he is all right. he will be all right. >> he'd better be all right. it is dallas. he got back on the field, but pulled his hamstring again.
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the redskins have to cut 5 guys tomorrow. the rods -- the roster has to be down to 53 on saturday. the nationals are in florida to play the marlins tonight. this game was delayed more than three hours because of the rain. look how what the field is carried dangerous stuff. let's go to the top of the third. he rings the bell. this is upper deck staff. this was a three-run shot. we'll be talking about this home-run. stephen strasbourg visited los angeles to date to get more apparent -- and other opinion before he had surgery on that prize right elbow. he is expected to have that surgery in the next day or two. venus williams was back in
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action for the first time in two months. venus had 10 aces and dominated the match. roger federate just finished -- this was a good match for him in the first round. he dominated the match. finally put away, big fellow. in basketball, at the united states beat brazil today. >> you had everything but hockey in there. >> you had everything but hockey in there.
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>> hurricane earl is a nasty,
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nasty storm. you can see the outer banks are still in that little area of uncertainty. you to keep an eye on that. >> and we will. we will see tomorrow. ♪
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